I'll Say She Is: The Lost Marx Brothers Musical

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RUBY: "Society Woman Craves Excitement!" I have never been so embarrassed!

Adam Gopnik on the Lost Marx Brothers Musical A New York Times Critics' Pick Back On Stage, A Lost Marx Brothers Musical A Time Out New York Critics' Pick Marxism on the New York Stage Marx Brothers Holy Grail Shines Again Restored! Revived! Rejoice!


Los Angeles Times, 10/13/16 (also Chicago Tribune)
The Marx Brothers are having a moment -- again

HowlRound, 7/9/16
Reconstructing and Reimagining: Noah Diamond and the First Marx Brothers Musical

WQXR, 6/27/16
When is an Unfinished Work of Art Incomplete?

Broadway Radio, 6/26/16
I'll Say She Is

Wolf Entertainment Guide, 6/26/16
I'll Say She Is

NY1, 6/24/16
Theater Review: I'll Say She Is

WKCR, 6/24/16
Noah Diamond on Art Waves

Time Out New York, 6/23/16
I'll Say She Is: Theater review

BroadwayWorld, 6/22/16
Marx Brothers Musical I'll Say She Is Extends Off Broadway

New York Times, 6/20/16 (print)
Marx Brothers Back Onstage, Nine Decades Later

rogerebert.com, 6/20/16
Marx Brothers Holy Grail I'll Say She Is Shines Again

Lighting & Sound America, 6/20/16
Theatre Review: I'll Say She Is

New York Times, 6/19/16 (online)
I'll Say She Is Revives a Marx Brothers Revue

BroadwayWorld, 6/17/16
Forgotten Marx Bros. Musical Restored! Revived! Rejoice!

Theatre is Easy, 6/14/16
I'll Say She Is

Theater Pizzazz, 6/13/16
I'll Say She Is: The Lost Marx Brothers Musical

Off Off Online, 6/10/16
Jesters of the Jazz Age

The Jewish Standard, 6/9/16
I'll Say She Is Fizzes With Marx Brothers Spirit

The New Criterion, 6/8/16
Marxism on the New York Stage!

Applause! Applause!, 6/7/16
Review of I'll Say She Is (Jacoby)
Review of I'll Say She Is (Stevens)

The New Criterion, 6/7/16
Critic's Notebook: I'll Say She Is

Broadway Showbiz, 6/7/16
Review: The Lost Marx Brothers Show

New York Post (Page Six), 6/5/16
East Village Marx the Spot

The Times of London, 6/3/16
Curtain Up on Lost Marx Brothers Show

The New Yorker, 6/1/16
How a Lost Marx Brothers Musical Found its Way Back Onstage

StageBuddy, 5/31/16
Interview: Noah Diamond Brings the Marx Brothers Back to Life in I'll Say She Is

Wall Street Journal (article), 5/26/16
Back on Stage: A 'Lost' Marx Brothers Musical

Wall Street Journal (video), 5/26/16
Marx Brothers Return to the New York Stage


The Jewish Week, 5/24/16
On Your Marx

BroadwayWorld, 5/19/16
I'll Say She Is Opened 92 Years Ago Today; Revival to Begin May 28

Chortle, 5/19/16
Marxism Rises Again

Classic Images, May 2016
A Resurgence in Marxism

BroadwayWorld, 4/14/16
Lost 1924 Marx Brothers Musical I'll Say She Is to Make Off-Broadway Debut

Playbill, 3/9/16
Lost Marx Brothers Musical Will Be Seen Off-Broadway

Cinematically Insane, 3/1/16
Lost Marx Brothers Musical Returning to the New York Stage


Press for the 2014 FringeNYC production:

StageBuddy, 1/2/15
Top Ten Best Theatre of 2014

Infinite Body, 12/28/14
Most Memorable Arts Experiences of 2014

StageBuddy, 9/2/14
Trav S.D. on Bringing the Marx Brothers Back to Life

The Examiner, 8/24/14
Revival of the Marx Brothers' I'll Say She Is a Rousing Success

Theatre is Easy, 8/24/14
Review: I'll Say She Is

Fanchild, 8/24/14
A Night at the Avant Garde

Curtain Up, 8/24/14
Review: I'll Say She Is

Theater Pizzazz, 8/19/14
Viaduct: I'll Say She Is

Stage Buddy, 8/18/14
FringeNYC Review: I'll Say She Is

Infinite Body, 8/18/14
Fringe Benefits: I'll Say She Is

New York Theater, 8/17/14
Review: A Marx Brothers Musical, 90 Years Later

New York Theater Now, 8/12/14
Theatre Review: I'll Say She Is

History News Network, 8/11/14
Theatre Review: The Marx Brothers are Back!

WNYC, 8/10/14
It Must Be the Fringe Festival

New York Daily News, 8/8/14
High Marx: Groucho, Swift's Guys are Fringe Benefits

Peter Filichia, 8/8/14
A True Marx Brothers Rediscovery

The Villager, 8/7/14
Get Schooled at FringeU

TheaterMania, 8/5/14
From the Marx Brothers to Gary Busey: A Look at FringeNYC 2014

Vaudevisuals, 8/5/14
Interview with Noah Diamond, I'll Say She Is

Wall Street Journal, 8/4/14
Role-Playing Maids and the Return of the Marx Brothers

The Producer's Perspective, 8/4/14
Ten Shows That Stand Out at the Fringe

Theater in the Now, 8/4/14
Spotlight On...Noah Diamond

Charged.fm, 8/4/14
Ten Must-See Shows at the New York International Fringe Festival

The Examiner, 8/3/14
Marx Brothers Revue I'll Say She Is Returns to Stage in New York City

Scripps, 8/3/14
A Legacy of Laughs Lives On

Rep Radio, 7/30/14
Lost Musical Makes Its Marx: Darnelle Radford talks with Noah Diamond

Time Out New York, 8/5/14
Ten Fringe Shows to Watch Out For


Coverage of the I'll Say She Is staged readings at Marxfest, May 2014:

Hi! Drama, 5/30/14
Barry Liebmann's Review of Marxfest's I'll Say She Is

Blogcritics, 5/25/14
Theatre Review: Staged Reading of I'll Say She Is

Cinematically Insane, 5/24/14
90 Years Later, Lost Marx Brothers Musical is Reborn

Classicalite, 5/24/14
Lost Marx Brothers Musical in Revival This Summer

The Villager,
Marxfest, a month at the races, carries on

The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, 4/30/14
Interviews: Trav S.D., Bill Marx, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Noah Diamond, Dick Cavett

Indie Theater Now Podcast, 4/27/14
Martin Denton with Trav S.D., Jonny Porkpie, and Noah Diamond

Classicalite, 4/12/14
Lost Marx Brothers Musical Back After 90 Years

I'll Say She IsI'll Say She Is

New York Daily News, 8/8/14
New York Daily News, 8/8/14

"This show has so much going for it I don’t know where to begin." The Producer's Perspective

"Noah Diamond dons Groucho’s moustache in an uncanny and hilarious performance!" Time Out New York

"Closer to the original than we might assume...
This guy knows his onions."
Peter Filichia

"A rousing success!" The Examiner

"The closest thing to a new Marx Brothers work we will ever see." Cinematically Insane

Wall Street Journal, 8/4/14
Wall Street Journal, 8/4/14

"A revival that will keep you in stitches! I was unable to breathe!"
Theatre is Easy

"A talented cast is free not to re-enact the Marx Brothers’ shtick so much as create it for the first time all over again. Noah Diamond as Groucho is miraculous, tapping the source of that comedian’s anarchic essence rather than reconstructing his mannerisms. Seth Sheldenis charming yet quietly troubling as Harpo...a meta, masterly performance. Robert Pinnock plays Chico with foibles and dignity that ring very true and drily uproarious. Aristotle Stamat’s subtly grandstanding and euphorically-self-impressed Zeppo makes the play my favorite story of this character. Trav S.D. himself gives a miniature master class as one of his trademark stentorian, flummoxed authority figures, and his direction is razor sharp and graciously tumultuous."

"Seth Shelden, as Harpo, is a fabulously funny performer."
Theater Pizzazz

"Shelden’s Harpo is wonderfully alive and steals the show with his precocious-child gags."

"The absolute stunner of the night was Noah Diamond as Groucho. Wow! I feel as if I saw Groucho himself perform live on stage. And what a treat that was. Diamond had the look, feel, timing and connection to the audience that made Groucho so special. Diamond ad-libbed and cracked wise in ways that would’ve made Groucho proud. Diamond has apparently dedicated a good portion of his life to his love for and performance of the comic genius, and to very noble effect."
Theater Pizzazz

"The sensational performance of the magnetic Noah Diamond as Groucho is a wonder!"
History News Network

"Diamond is splendid as the larger than life Groucho, perfecting the voice, diction, impeccable timing and his ability to make you feel as if he knows what you look like under your clothes with a mere smirk."

"Mr. Diamond captured perfectly the great comic's movements, expressions, vocal mannerisms, and even his corkscrew dance."
Hi Drama

"Melody Jane as Beauty is aptly named, and the actress brings the kind of sassy, winking attitude to her part that Lillian Roth and Thelma Todd brought to their performances in the Marxes' films. Melody Jane would have been a fan favorite in any Marx Brothers movie."
The Examiner

"Kathy Biehl is an ideal Margaret Dumont stand-in, with the added perk of her golden voice."

"Melody Jane as Beauty is a pert, forthright, zany heroine with a big voice and a lovely visage. Aristotle Stamat, sturdily handsome and just a wee bit mischievous, is Zeppo. Robert Pinnock is a robust Chico, selling the bad puns we're expecting with bravado. Seth Shelden is the mad naif Harpo in spades. Anchoring the show, as he must, is Noah Diamond as Groucho, embodying the classic character to what feels like perfection. The chorus, choreographed by Helen Burkett of The World Famous Pontani Sisters fame, consists of eight art-deco-clad ladies, who perform with sassy high style.

"The songs, the book scenes around Beauty and her giddy quest for thrills, and the eye-filling dances, are splendidly entertaining. And the Marx Brothers gags and routines all land perfectly because the company has entirely nailed the style and rhythm of this material and of these personalities.

"Will there be a bright future for this show? I'll say there will."
nytheater now

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